Journal Cards

In this day and age most of us rely on side jobs besides our regular full-time occupations. This has never been more true than with graphic designers. However, I have a side hustle that I love and that doesn’t have to be just for graphic designers. If you are creative and have access to any of the numerous applications available to the public… Canva…then you might enjoy this project. I definitely recommend it for other graphic designers.

It’s no secret that downloadable digital projects have been on the rise the last few years but do you know what that all includes? It’s a lot. Most people are familiar with project templates or developmental journal pages. Maybe you are event familiar with the ever growing editable wedding invites. However, there is so much more you may not be familiar with. My current favorite is journal cards, tags and pockets. Journal Cards feed my creative side and technical side. Especially because doing graphic design for others can dull the senses after a while without proper brain stimulation. Having an additional creative outlet to keep things sharp allows you to bring new and fresh ideas to clients and projects.

What are journal cards? Journaling cards were designed to be added to notebooks, journals, and planners to provide some extra space for journaling. But, they have more uses than that. They have evolved to be anything from adding extra text to adding a visual accessory. While they are designed for junk journals and planner enthusiasts they are often used as notecards, gift tags and gift  embellishments.

Digital downloads for journal embellishments don’t often cost much which is what makes it appealing. For only a couple dollars you can download a file and print as often as you like in your own home. What would you design if you made your own journal cards? I have attached a few of my own for you to see what I am creating in my spare time.

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